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MOtivated for MOvember? Some Tips for Top Taches!

31st Oct 2017


At Upper38, we’re completely MOtivated for MOvember and are here to help – as well as raising charity funds through sales of the fun Brume MOvember Moustache packs, we’re offering FREE moustache trimming/shaping/advice with every gents’ haircut.

But we thought it might be useful to give, particularly MOvember MOvices (novices! – see?) a few ideas and tips on simple styles.

FIRSTLY THOUGH – THE FUNDAMONTAL RULES (see picture above called Rules!)     So, for new MOBROs, and maybe MOSISTAS, we’ve started with the basics – we won’t bang on about this too much here as many of you will know them, or once you register at www.movember.com, the site quickly guides you to, and through, whatever level of involvement you want.




1.    THE BARELY THERE – maybe an option for those whose facial follicles are a little challenged (this picture is Justin Bieber).    KEY TIPS –  keep other facial fuzz very clean shaven and your tache will look more defined – if you need to, borrow an eye liner pencil from a MOsista to “plump” it up a bit.


2.    THE PENCIL – Errol Flynn – this one just exudes sexy European style and elegance (uhhm so might be outlawed post Brexit!)     KEY TIP – trim back from nose to lip bit by little bit till you get the best look and again, consider the eye liner to give more definition.


3. THE RON BURGUNDY – cousin to the FREDDIE MERCURY and the TOM SELLECK  – it’s all about sex baby…… this is luxuriant, testosterone charged hairiness at its best.    KEY TIPS – keep this beauty trimmed up with nail size scissors, nipping the ends off — also watch out for the remains of lunch trapped in your foliage (biodegrading food never added to anyone’s sex appeal!).


4. THE HORSESHOE – Samuel L Jackson really rocks this slightly more complex look.     KEY TIP  – symmetry is all for this one – wonky ain’t gonna cut it –  so always get a second opinion before heading out the door.


5. THE HANDLEBAR – this more challenging shape will require maintenance and product (hair wax/pomade will suffice) as worn by mythical French waiters and Poirot.    KEY TIP  – not for the MOBRO in a rush – this will require time in front of the mirror, and a steady hand.


6. WARNING – NOT THIS ONE! – we know some of you will be tempted, but we strongly recommend you think it through carefully – the TOOTHBRUSH, synonymous with one Mr A. Hitler of Berlin.    Very few have pulled it off -Charlie Chaplin (of course!) and Ron Mael (of Sparks fame), also Richard Herring (comedian) who grew one for the Edinburgh Festival.   TIP DON’T DO IT!



Whatever you decide to do, whatever level of MOVEMBER involvement you take, have fun with your facial fuzz and let’s get men (and women) talking about men’s health and welfare issues.  


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